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50th Anniversary Celebration of Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study


WHAT:      Hubbard Brook Symposium
WHEN:     Tuesday July 9, 2013, 10am – 8:30pm
WHERE:   Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, Woodstock, New Hampshire

Thank you for your interest in the Hubbard Brook Symposium.  We were pleased by the level of interest in the event. The 230 people in attendance enjoyed hearing the thoughts and presentations of the excellent speakers listed below. Videos of presentations will be uploaded to our website in the near future. Stay tuned!


10:00 Welcome Michael T. Rains, M.S., M.B.A., Director, Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service; Acting Director, Forest Products Laboratory

Master of Ceremonies Steven Hamburg, Ph.D., Chair, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation; Chief Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund

10:15 Keynote Address: The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study—Celebrating 50 Years Gene E. Likens, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study; President Emeritus, Distinguished Senior Scientist Emeritus, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

11:00 Break

11:15 Herb Talk #1: Creeping Degradation and the Future of the Northern Hardwood Forest: The Need to Foster Resilience John J. Battles, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Ecosystem Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

11:45 Lunch

12:30 Luncheon Keynote Address Fred Krupp, J.D., President, Environmental Defense Fund

1:30 Herb Talk #2: One Atmosphere Charles Driscoll, Ph.D., University Professor of Environmental Systems Engineering, Syracuse University

2:00 Herb Talk #3: Unconstrained by Watersheds: Animals in the Hubbard Brook Ecosystems Nicholas L. Rodenhouse, Ph.D., Frost Professor of Environmental Studies, Wellesley College

2:30 Herb Talk #4: Confronting Climate Change in the 21st Century: How the New “Normal” of Extremes Is Shaping Forests Lindsey Rustad, Ph.D., Research Ecologist & Hubbard Brook Team Leader, USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

3:00 Break

3:15 Herb Talk #5: Science and Society: Living Up to Herb’s “Payback Imperative” Kathy Fallon Lambert, M.F.S., Science & Policy Integration Project Director, Harvard Forest, Harvard University

3:45 Wrap up and discussion of remaining schedule for the day

4:00 Tours (sign up required at front desk)

5:30 Reception and Picnic Dinner

7:30 After-dinner Keynote Address Ann M. Bartuska, Ph.D., USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics

Hubbard Brook Committee of Scientists; Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, USDA Forest Service; Hubbard Brook LTER, National Science Foundation; Hubbard Brook Research Foundation

Hubbard Brook Symposium Press Announcement

Detailed Descriptions of Symposium Talks

Fast Facts and Major Discoveries of the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study


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